Terms & Conditions

By applying for the affiliate program MioMedia (the “Affiliate Program”) operated by Butos Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of Gibraltar (hereinafter the “Company”), you (the “Affiliate”) explicitly agree with these Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) and accept all the conditions stated herein.


1.1. The goal of cooperation under these Terms and Conditions is the promotion of the websites directly indicated by the Company (the “Websites”) to be performed by the Affiliate.
1.2. The amount of remuneration payable to the Affiliate should be calculated in a way determined in these Terms and Conditions.


2.1. The potential Affiliate shall read these Terms and Conditions carefully and apply for the Affiliate Program only if he/she agrees with any and all provisions set forth therein.

2.2. The Company assesses the application and then notifies the potential Affiliate about its decision.

2.3. The answer of the Company will be provided in the written form (an email sent to the email address provided by the potential Affiliate). Company reserves the right to reject the application without giving any explanations.

2.4. Only one account can be registered by the Affiliate using one IP-address, unless other explicitly agreed with the Company in written.

2.5. Registering more than one account by one Affiliate without prior written consent of the Company will be considered as a fraudulent activity and entails the termination of the cooperation


3.1. Only person over 18 years can apply for the Affiliate Program.

3.2. Affiliate shall possess the documents, permissions and licenses that are necessary to conduct promotion of the Websites using Company’s advertising materials.

3.3. Person who enter into agreements with the Company shall be competent and authorized representative of the Affiliate organizations.


4.1.The Company shall:

4.1.1. provide the Affiliate with all the information and marketing data needed for advertising and promoting the Websites;

4.1.2. control the trafficking, keep a record of the net revenue, as well as of the total amount of remuneration for which data should be made available to the Affiliate;

4.1.3. pay the remuneration to the Affiliate, in the amount based on the traffic generated and size of all revenues deriving from the players introduced by the Affiliate.